Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Apache "Power" and the hero of Medicine Man

The fun part about writing Medicine Man was, besides bringing two people together against all odds, researching Apache myths, legends and power. Their culture is so different from mine and yet so similar. They believe that hearing an own is a bad omen. I was raised to believe that walking under a ladder would bring me bad luck.

In Medicine Man, Dr. Logan Kincade, whose Apache name is Sonachay, has the power of the wind. He can summon this power by touching his sacred medicine cord. In the early part of the book, Logan refuses to acknowledge his power. For that matter he refuses to acknowledge ANY supernatural power because it goes against everything he has been taught in medical school.

Logan's power, when called upon, makes his invincible--or at least it makes him feel invincible.

Far fetched? Not really. "'Enemies-against power' is a power related to 'wind power.' When on the warpath men painted wind tracks along the outside of their moccasins to make them light." Source: Western Apache Raiding and Warefare, from the notes of Grenville Goodwin.

From the same source is this very interesting statement. "The Western Apache term diyi (I don't have the tools to punctuate this properly) (supernatural power) was used to refer to one or all of a set of abstract and invisible forces which were believed to derive from certain classes of animals, plants, meteorological phenomena, and mythological figures within the Western Apache universe. Any of the 'powers' could be acquired by man..."

In reading my books, you will learn a great deal and I promise it won't hurt a bit. I also promise my research will not overshadow the romance but instead will enhance and make it a more enjoyable reading experience. This is my way of giving back. I hated history. Flunked it or just about. Boy, would I love to find my old high school history teacher and say, "Ha!"

Photo: by Cheryl Clarke, Sable Ranch, filming of Camp Grant Massacre for Hallmark Channel, June, 2005.

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