Thursday, October 06, 2005

Jack Palance -- Western Super Star

May I present Jack Palance and Fiesta. I've known Jack and his wife, Elaine, for some time and over the dinner table I've listened to many of his movie adventures. One in particular was during the filming of "Arrowhead." Jack played Toriano, a young Apache warrior, who goes east to learn the White man's ways, then returns to the West and uses his knowledge to start an Apache uprising! During a fight scene with Charlton Heston, Jack picks Heston up and holds him over his head. Heston yells at him to put him down but Jack just keeps holding him. The dialogue between the two, according to Jack, was rather... colorful. I can only imagine! Jack is an interesting man and very talented. He has kept a daily journal for more than 40 years, has written a poetic book called "The Forest of Love" ($22.00 + tax) which is prose/poetry and is available through my daughter's bookstore (signed). Email: or (661) 822-8440. He's written a half dozen other books which he hasn't sent out to a publisher and he paints. Boy, does he paint. He has hundreds of canvases. Jack loves animals and they love him. Yes, the tough guy (Jack Wilson in Shane) has a real soft sport for all things furry and feathered. And then there's Jack voice. To hear it is to never forget it. I consider myself lucky indeed to have had a friendship with Jack and Elaine and to have shared many of their celebrity adventures. You can't imagine what just standing next to him in Lowe's is like!

I've compiled a number of those dinner conversations into a biographical article on Jack which will be reprinted this month in Wildest Westerns Magazine. Check out their website for ordering a copy.

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