Sunday, October 23, 2005

James Garner--Maverick

What a night! The room was filled to capacity, at least 300 hundred cowboys and cowgirls, all duded up in their Western finest.

I attended the ceremonies with Elaine Palance, who accepted the award for her husband, Jack. Elaine gave a great speech which got everybody laughing. She's a natural, shouda been an actress herself.

We were seated at one of the head tables. I was surrounded by some of Hollywood's top stars. At the table on my right sat Morgan Woodward, a really tall and striking Texan and a couple of seats past him was James Garner.

Garner will always be Maverick, that fast-talking, quick-drawin' gambler. His most recent role was in the "The Notebook." What a tear-jerker that was! He got a giggle from the audience when he announced that he'd just gotten another job! As if we thought he wouldn't.

Stay tuned, more pictures to come...............................

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