Sunday, October 02, 2005

Medicine Man

The book I currently have for sale is MEDICINE MAN, a 112,000 word Native American Historical romance. It is represented by Deidre Knight of the Knight Agency.

The Apache wind spirit spoke: "Tell the young ones to gather wood for their fires, food for feasting and drink for celebration. Tell them a medicine man with great power will come from the East. He will speak two tongues--the Apache and the White man's. Tell them he is the one they have waited for. He is The Medicine Man.

I am Dr. Logan Kincade, also known as Sonachay. Years ago when I was a boy, I vowed to go East, learn the White man's medicine and bring it home to my people. Now, in spite of his fine Boston manners and prominent social standing, Logan is still just a little bit savage. His blood isn't blue like his peers but red--Apache red! Logan reads his brother's letter and knows he can no longer put off going home. The time has come to keep his promise to his little sister, to confront his father and to make good on his vow.

Sadie Davenport, a gifted healer, running away from exploitation by her greedy uncle, applies to Logan's ad for a teaching position in the Arizona Territory and vows to never use her supernatural power again. But Sadie can no more deny a person her healing hands than she can deny her passion for Logan, whose intelligence and dedication to medicine are as intoxicating as his powerful warrior's body.

Jealousy turns Logan's love for Sadie to resentment. He immerses himself in the culture of his youth and falls victim to an ancient Apache spell that makes him a stranger even to himself. His only hope is Sadie, but can her hands heal the savagery that dwells within him, or will he forever be lost to himself and to the woman who loves him?

Represented by: Deidre Knight, Knight Agency

Photo by: Cheryl Clarke while on the set for the History Channel's filming of The Camp Grant Massacre. June 2005.

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