Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Working On New Book--No Title Yet

Beginning a new book is always an exciting event. This will be my first contemporary, but even though it is set in the here and now, it will have lots of Apache history and more than a few touches of the supernatural.

My heroine is a museum curator, living and working in Tucson, Arizona. She's in her 30's, never been married and loves her work. She has just completed an exhibit, which includes 6 free-standing exhibit cases and a full scale diorama. And all of it is based on her Granny Em's diary!

Granny Em, you see, was captured by the infamous Apache chief, Cochise, in the 1850's. In Em's diary, she wrote about everyday Apache life and drew sketches of the camp and of Cochise, sketches which our modern day heroine uses to make a life-like mannequin of Cochise. A very "life-like" mannequin...................

Photo by Cheryl Clarke, Whispering Tree

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